DO NOT BUY Dan Lok’s ‘6 Steps to 6 Figures Formula’

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6 Steps to 6 Figures Formula program - Dan Lok

DO NOT BUY Dan Lok’s ‘6 Steps to 6 Figures Formula’ Program

I was fooled from the get-go.

While the course is presented in an attractive manner, the actual content is anything but ‘pretty’. For $995, you wouldn’t be crazy to expect a well-made course. However, Dan Lok’s ‘6 Steps to 6 Figures’ program is definitely not that.

The entire course was a recording from a seminar Dan gave in the past. The 6-and-a-half-hour talk was poorly cut into 10 ‘modules’ based on duration and not the content. This often resulted in cutting between words and leaving sections out.

On top of being poorly cut, the video quality was also terrible. The camera was never even pointed at the PowerPoint presentation.

Now, onto the content.

Given the name ‘6 Steps to 6 Figures Formula’, you’d expect a guide of some sort. Instead you’ll get more of a 6-point summary of random business advice Dan read from some books.

While I have learned some things, this course is definitely not worth $995. Based on the value I got I’d price this course at $10, max.

I have made a detailed 12 page summary, I’d be happy to send it to you for the price of a cup of coffee!

Dan plagiarizes most if not all his ideas and never gives credit to the original author, so I guess that means I’m also free to share some of ‘his’ ideas.

Anyways, here are some of the reasons you should NOT BUY Dan Lok’s ‘6 Steps to 6 Figures Formula’ program.

6 steps to 6 figures formula program -Dan Lok - My Millionaire Mission

Amateurs Copy, Professionals Steal

Of course, this is one of Dan’s favorite sayings. He says that he “doesn’t have a single original idea”. I couldn’t agree more.

I understand that Dan is trying to say that we should stand on the shoulders of giants. However, he never says that and makes a huge effort to be perceived as the genius behind this ‘revolutionary’ way of thinking.

No one at the seminar called him out on it, but he uses this phrase to justify stealing from Tim Ferris’ ‘4 Hour Workweek’.

Towards the beginning of his talk, he reveals the 3 W’s: What you do, Where you do it, and When you do it.

Then he adds “I want to give a bonus, I have an extra W that I find makes a huge difference, do you want to hear it?”


“The final W is: With whom you do it”

These are the exact same 4 W’s from the ‘4 Hour Workweek’. Dan steals and doesn’t give the slightest mention to Tim Ferris.

As a huge fan of the 4 Hour Workweek, I was offended.

Not Here to Help Those in Need

6 steps to 6 figures formula program -Dan Lok - My Millionaire Mission

Dan talks about 4 stages of life:

  • Survival- Just about getting by
  • Security – Having a lot of have to-s to maintain the security
  • Success – Having security and a lot more want to-s
  • Significance – Thinking beyond: What is my legacy?

In the ‘6 Steps to 6 Figures Formula’ program, Dan says that he doesn’t work well with clients in the survival stage of life.

He goes on to say “They will depend on you to turn things around and will not be happy. Work with already successful clients so that no matter what you do you’ll seem great. You can fuck up 50% of the time and still look like a genius.”

This completely contradicts his course title. Why would successful people even need his course if they’re already making 6 figures?

Vague Advice

Dan Lok’s ‘6 Steps to 6 Figures Formula’ program does not do what its name suggests. Despite Dan’s constant promise of a step by step tutorial throughout the first 4 hours of the course, the specific implementation strategies never surface.

I don’t think this is because he doesn’t know how to. I think it’s because he is too focused on money and just wants to up-sell his ‘Inner Circle’ program for $10,000.

He often left me frustrated with a lot of questions.

For example, Dan tells us to “package your services so that it is perceived to be different.”

Yes, thank you Dan but it doesn’t take a genius to know that.

How do we do it? Don’t ask Dan, join his ‘Inner Circle’ to maybe get an answer.

Another example is when he gets everyone to write down his ‘Lokism’ phrase “It’s not the thing. It’s about the thing that sells the thing.”

Again, he never explains what the hell he is talking about.

Useless Anecdotes

Sometimes Dan is asked to explain his vague advice. However, almost as soon as he starts, he side-tracks onto an anecdote that he calls a ‘bonus’.

This way he never answers the question and just digs a deeper hole for more questioning.

For example, he says “The highest paid entrepreneurs in the world spend 80% of their time working on the WHO, not the WHAT.”

He never explains what he means by this and just gets us to write it down. When questioned about this he goes on a tangent and gives us a ‘bonus’.

“Best people at things are the poorest, it’s about being perceived as being the best. This is because they spend too much time on the WHAT.”

Not only did this leave me with more questions, but I also disagree with this statement. He’s saying that regardless of the quality of our product or service, we should just advertise it such that it’s the best to trick others to buy.

I guess it is what he is doing to his social media fans, so it’s the only thing he understands.

Egotistical Dan

6 steps to 6 figures formula program -Dan Lok - My Millionaire Mission

Dan cannot take any criticism. He gets his employees to filter all his messages, so he only gets the praise. If anyone says anything he doesn’t like, his excuse is “are you rich?”

For example, an English professor corrected some of his grammatical errors. Dan’s response was “talk to me when you’re rich like me.”

He seems to be unaware that there is more to life than just money. That English professor doesn’t make as much money because he is more focused on impacting lives, and not scamming people. Perhaps this is too advanced for Dan to understand and steal.

I hate this conceited ‘I’m better than you’ mindset he has.

In his presentation, he even goes as far as to put important sayings such as the 4 W’s under the heading ‘Lokism’. Really and truly, how deluded can you get? Does he think he is a god or something?

Curious for More?

To summarize, please DO NOT BUY Dan Lok’s ‘6 Steps to 6 Figures Formula’ program. Dan is a shallow person who often contradicts and makes excuses for himself.

He mentions the 4 types of wealth (financial, physical, emotional, and spiritual) at the beginning of his talk, but never delves deep enough to truly understand what he is talking about. He is all about making money and scamming others. I am not a fan.

Dan needs to realize that consumers like us, are the only things keeping his business alive. More people need to be exposed to his elaborate scam courses.

Some Youtubers are already exposing Dan for who he is. I strongly recommend you go check them out and subscribe. My favorite Youtubers who expose Dan Lok are Coffeezilla and Spencer Cornelia.

As courses go, this is NOT a good course. Please save your money and treat yourself to a holiday. This typo filled, poorly cut, terrible quality course is not worth your time.

If you’re curious as to the rest of this courses’ content, I’ve made a detailed 12-page summary that cuts through all his self-promotion and useless anecdotes, and I’d be more than happy to send you for the price of a coffee.

Please let me know what you think of Dan Lok in the comments area below. But more importantly, please share to stop others falling for Dan Lok’s elaborate scam.

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